Free Download Facebook Funny Videos/Clips 2021

Do you spend hours scrolling through videos on Facebook? There must be a moment where you wishes you had a Facebook funny videos downloader through which you can save the videos and watch them later.

With Savefvid, you won’t wish any more. This free online platform is one of the best and easiest ways to get Facebook funny videos free downloads in the matter of seconds and as many times as you want. You wont be see an ads, create no accounts or pay any fees.

In this article, we list 5 of the funniest videos on Facebook and tell you exactly how to download them. Facebook funny videos free downloads will never be harder again with Savefvid.

Top 5 Facebook Funny Videos

Here are the funniest video we have managed to get out hands on the first week of 2021.

1. A Week of Bloopers and Funny Accidents


2. Too Drunk to Stand


3. Beware the Ice, Comrade


4. Watch Your Aim!


5. Japan Rocks!


How to Use Savefvid to Get Facebook Funny Videos Clips Download

In order to get Facebook funny videos downloads, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1: Open Up

The first step you need to do to get Facebook funny videos free downloads is to open up video downloader or tap here to go directly. The website will open up and you will how easy it is to keep up with the following steps.

Step 2: Get the Facebook Video Link

The next step now is to find the link of the video you would like to download or copy with of the links in the first part of this of this article. If you would like to get more Facebook funny videos clips download, Go to Facebook, look up the video click on the share button and copy the link.

facebook funny video download

Step 3: Convert and Download the Video

Savefvid will take few seconds to convert the video from the URL to a downloadable MP4 file.

facebook funny video download

Once you pasted the link of the designated area, click or tap on download. The video will take several seconds to convert. The time taken depends on the length of the video but it usually take from 5 to 15 second.


As you can tell, getting Facebook funny videos download has never been easier. With few, simple clicks, you will be able to get as many Facebook funny videos clips downloads as you want.

You can use savefvid on all devices including PC, Mac, Android Phone, and iPhone. It doesn’t matter where you are watching funny videos, savefvid won’t get you out of your comfort and won’t trouble you with long and complicated procedures to download or install the software.

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