Top 5 Best Facebook URL Video Downloader for Free

While scrolling on Facebook, you have most certainly stumbled upon a video that you really wanted to share with your friends, but there are also those people who do not have a Facebook account and of course, they cant see the video. What would be the best solution here?

Now the best approach is to use Facebook URL downloaders or Facebook video download applications, these two can help you download videos faster, however, online Facebook video downloaders are better and faster than applications.

In this article we will give you Top 5 best free Facebook URL video downloaders.

1. Savefvid allows you to quickly and safely download videos from Facebook and save them to your device in the highest audio and video quality in the MP4 format. The platform gives you the option od downloading any video you want from Facebook without wasting your time on installing anything or going through tons of ads.

All you have to do is get the Facebook URL download you want, open up the website, paste the link and hit the download button. The website will then analyze the URL and will give you a downloadable MP4 file in the matter of seconds.

facebook video downloader

2. FBDownloader

Similar to the first one, FBDownloader is a platform that allows you to download high quality videos from Facebook without any ads. This website serves as a free Facebook URL video downloader that enables you download facebook MP4 videos.

Through, you can also covert the videos downloaded from Facebook to audio MP3 file. You can use this platform on all devices including iPhones, androids, tablets, Mac and Computers. FBDownloader is free and poses no limitations on its users.



If you plan on using, you really have decided to do the right thing. This website does not coerce you to download any applications or unwanted files. It is one of the best Facebook link downloaders you can get your hands on. is also one of the few websites with a chrome extension that you can add to your navigator. When you are playing a video on Facebook, you will see a button that says download on the top right, this button makes it easy for you to download your favorite videos. If not, you can copy and paste the link on the website and hit the download button.

4. Getfvid

It wouldn’t be fair to list the best Facebook link downloaders without talking about Getfvid. You can consider this a Facebook URL download on the go. It allows you easy Facebook videos download on all devices in the highest quality possible.

The website also has a chrome extension that ca be added to your navigator so you can download videos with a single click. If you do not like using chrome extensions, then all you have to do is copy and paste the link just like the previous ones.


5. Facebook Video Downloader (Firefox Add-on)

The websites listed above are the best Facebook URL downloaders but this tool is designed especially for Firefox users.

All you have to do to download the add-on to your navigator and it will allow you to download videos from Facebook with a simple click.

Facebook Video Downloader


We have looked up best Facebook link downloaders and their extensions so you don’t have to. We have tried all of them and listed them as we see fit. You do not need to install or download any secondary applications or files. The service is free and have no ads to display.

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