How to Convert Facebook to MP3 Online

Moving videos from one format to another is necessary for different circumstances. Some devices do not support specific formats; you want only the music extracted from the videos. For this reason, if you want to learn how to convert Facebook to MP3 online, easily and quickly, this article is for you.

Although many applications can convert Facebook videos and audios to other formats, we do not have access to all of them at any time. There are some circumstances in which it is simply more convenient to use an online conversion service to cater to our needs. Using online Facebook MP3 converters, you avoid downloading programs, so you will not fill your system with applications that you may never use again. This article will talk about one of the best converters used to convert Facebook to MP3.

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Best Facebook to MP3 Converter – SaveFVid

SaveFVid is one of the best Facebook MP3 converters in the market, providing quality service for free of charge. Since this service is available online, everyone can access it from any device and any place using internet access. The best thing is that it allows you to save your Facebook videos in HD MP4 files (up to 1080P) and MP3 audio (320kbps) formats.  

All you need is the Facebook URL to start converting it to the MP3 format. Apart from that, you don’t have to install any software or do registration to use SaveFVid. Also, SaveFVid provides the capability to download Facebook private videos, which is very rare to see in the free version of Facebook downloaders.

How to Download Facebook to MP3 with SaveFVid

There are a few simple steps that you need to follow to download your Facebook video. The steps are simple and easy to follow, even for a novice user.

Step 1: Navigate to SaveFVid

To use SaveFVid, go to the SaveFVid website and click on Facebook to MP3 link in the top menu to get the downloading page. Once you open it, you’ll see a search bar with a download button.

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Step 2: Copy the Facebook Video URL

Now go to Facebook and log in with your credentials. Then find the video that you want to download. Once you find that, copy its URL to the clipboard.

copy facebook video link

Step 3: Paste the URL and Hit Download

After copying the URL, go back to the opened SaveFVid website, paste the URL in the search bar, and hit Download. After a few seconds, SaveFVid will analyze and give you the available output formats to download.

paste facebook link

Step 4: Select the Required Format and Quality

Since we intend to download Facebook videos in MP3 format, click on the Download MP3 button, and it will start to convert your video. Once the conversion finishes, a new window is prompted to save your converted video to your local folder. Select the folder and click OK to get your MP3 file.

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SaveFVid is not a typical video converter. It is specialized in downloading Facebook videos in MP3 and MP4 format with original quality. This is available free for use and doesn’t require any personal details to start using. Therefore, try SaveFVid today and enjoy the quality service.

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