How to Download Private Facebook Video Online

Most of the videos on Facebook are not available to the general public. The privacy setting for these videos has been set to ‘Private.’ Private videos can be viewed by the owner of the video and friends with whom you have chosen to share or have allowed to view them. Generally, this option is good at protecting the privacy of the one who uploaded the video.

Due to the video’s private nature, these videos cannot be downloaded just by pasting the link; instead, it is necessary to copy all the source code from the video page or change the privacy setting to “public” (if you are the owner of the video). So how to download these private Facebook videos? In this article, we’ll show you the way to download private videos using the best tool in the market.

download private facebook videos

How to Download Private Facebook Videos

SaveFVid is a specialized converter solely created to download Facebook videos. So downloading Facebook private videos is part of this fantastic tool. Follow the step-by-step instructions to be able to download these types of Facebook videos without any problems.

Step 1: Get the Source Code

If you are not a tech person, you probably wonder what this source code means and how to get it. Source code is a set of programming commands which combined to form the page. First, to view the page source code, log in to Facebook using your credentials and go to the private video page.

Then right-click on the page and select View page source from the menu. Hence, you’ll see a large chunk of programming codes appear. You can also press the F12 key on your keyboard to view the page source without trying to open the source code through the right mouse button.

view page source

Step 2: Copy the Page Source

Once you open the source code window, right-click on the source code page and choose Select All from the menu. Then it will copy the entire code to your clipboard.

select all

Step 3: Open the SaveFVid

After copying the code, go to the SaveFVid website and click on the Private Video Downloader link in the top menu. Then it opens a page with a text area and a download button.

facebook private video downloader

Step 4: Paste the Source Code

Now paste your copied source code inside the text area by right-clicking and selecting the Paste option from the menu; after pasting the code, press the Download button to start analyzing the source code pasted.

paste facebook private video download

Step 5: Download Private Video

Once the analysis is over, you can select the desired format and quality. Finally, click the Download button to save the Facebook private video to your local drive.


By following the above simple steps, you can now download any private Facebook video easily. If any error occurs during the process, you can repeat the same procedure to get your work done. We are pretty sure that from now on, you don’t need to search for “download Private Video from Facebook “on various search engines. SaveFVid is the best tool that you can have to download private videos.

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